Voltaron Supernova LED Bulbs

Voltaron Supernova series of LED Bulbs deliver the best results simply because of the quality of the product design and the reliability of the components used. Each part is scientifically designed to enhance the user experience and give long life.

Voltaron Supernova LED Bulbs use LM80 3000hrs tested LEDs which gives upto 130Lm/Watt. This means that the LEDs are more reliable and guaranteed to give long life. It also ensures consistent output of the light and its color.

The LED driver is a very critical part of the LED Bulb. That is why Voltaron Supernova LED Bulbs are designed to operate at adverse power supply conditions. This means that during voltage fluctuations, surges or low voltages up to 100V, there is consistent light output.

Some of the Important Features are:

  • Constant current LED regulator with high current accuracy : 3% LED output current accuracy

  • Single stage step-down power factor corrected : PF > 0.97 to 0.99

  • Critical conduction mode operation reduces switching loses and increases efficiency : Efficiency > 95%

  • Power output ranging : 10W to 18W

  • 100 VAC to 300VAC operating range

  • Excellent line and load regulation

  • LED short protection

  • LED open protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • Active PFC for High power factor and low THD : PF >0.97 , THD <20%

  • Completely designed and manufactured in India

The Voltaron Supernova LED Bulb gives the best savings in energy with up to 50% over CFL and up to 90% over Incandescent bulbs. Bring down electricity bills by cutting down your lighting power consumption.

The wider the light beam, the better the distribution of light from the LED Bulb. Normal LED bulbs have light coming from a smaller area and at a smaller beam angle. This tends to produce discomfort glare as well as dark patches on walls and surroundings. With Voltaron Supernova LED Bulbs, get the best replacement results for your CFL or Incandescent bulbs.

Voltaron Supernova LED Bulbs last up to 3 times longer than CFL bulbs. The better heat dissipation and LM80 tested LEDs ensure hassle free operation for up to 10 years.

The Voltaron Supernova LED Bulb delivers a luminous efficacy greater than 100 lumens per watt and upto 130 LM/W. This means that it gives more brightness at the same power, as a result of the highly efficient LED technology used. The higher the efficacy of the bulb, the more efficient it is

It is available in two colors .i.e. Cool day white (6500K) which is suitable for work areas and spaces that require an energizing ambience, and Neutral white (4000K) which mimics the natural sunlight and is best suited to provide a soothing and relaxing ambience.