About Voltaron

Voltaron Technologies Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2015 . We specialize in the manufacturing of top quality LED product range at its production site in Bangalore. All our LED products are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control procedure to make sure that finished products are produced with true finesse. Our LED products are easy to integrate, energy efficient and focused on bringing down the total cost of your lighting and electricity.

Aerospace and Military Sector

Voltaron Technologies is looking at various opportunities to establish itself as a credible player for defence equipment, focusing on state of the art technology. The objective is to indigenously develop Aerospace and military equipment. Our major strength is that we have a skilled manpower with more than 30years of experience in this field.

We are committed to proactively respond to market demands, delivering quality products, personalized customer service and excellent technical support for the best interest of our distributors, customers and trading partners.

Our highly dedicated and efficient team works tirelessly to maintain the growing pace of our business and keep our customers satisfied. Our focal point will always be to provide our customers with an eco-friendly and affordable solutions so as to derive a 100% satisfaction.